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Car Home Ultra v4.17 Full Download

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Car Home Ultra v4.17 Full

Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Car Home Ultra is a Car Dock application that makes your phone much easier and safer to use while in the car.

nJ9OANH - Car Home Ultra v4.17 Full Download

It can start automatically when your car's BT is detected and you can always easily return to the CHU by pressing the start button (see settings-> startup options).

• Customize an unlimited number of shortcuts to launch applications, direct dial numbers, or even navigate to a specific location.
• Use the media controller to manage any song or podcast application on your phone with buttons that are easy to see.
• Be aware of your speed, location, climate, altitude, and more with embedded data widgets.
• Multiple skins and color schemes for 100s of different looks.
• Automatic Day and Night color schemes to preserve your night vision.
• Automatic answering for SMS lets you focus on the road.
• Speed ​​alarm to help you avoid tickets
• Complete list of items below

Mark the Geek: "CarHome Ultra for Android – Perfect Dock Application for Cars"

OMG Droid: "Car Ultra Home – Finally a Real Car Dock Application for Android"

Applater: "An affordable car dock application to help you use your device safely even while driving "

Android 4.2+ users can also use Google Voice commands for a completely hands-free experience. See this link for details:]**This is a 30-day trial if you like the app, buy the license CarHome Ultra for unlimited use **

Data widgets:
– Speedometer (speaks when pressed)
– Compass
– Altimeter
– Battery meter
– Clock
– Current weather conditions (speaks when pressed)
– Current location (speaks when pressed)

Other features:
– Integrated Media Controller (Play / Pause, Next, Previous, Artist, Title)
– Unlimited number of custom shortcuts
– SMS Auto Reply
– Location Alerts
– Custom Day / Night color schemes
– Multiple layers and color schemes
– Automatically switch between day / night based on Sunset and Sunrise
– Set to speaker phone mode when docked (optional)
– Starts CarHome when bluetooth connection is detected
– Automatic Bluetooth with car mode (optional)
– Auto Bluetooth off when leaving Car Mode (optional)
– Auto Wi-Fi on / off with car mode (optional)
– Displays speed in KPH or MPH
– Display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
– Full screen mode
– Support for icon packs
– Lock screen rotation (Landscape, Portrait, Reverse Landscape and Reverse Portrait)
– Android 5 Material Design
– Brightness and display mode controls
– Volume controls
– Touch button response
– Mute Alerts
– 3 Page type: 6 button, 8 button, and media controller
– Sleep mode: saves energy and reduces heat
– Keep the screen active until you exit the application
– Stop music / media output
– Android Auto partially inspired by this app (yes, this is true)

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Application Permission Descriptions:
Device and Application History – Required for the new Media Controller feature to detect whether a media player can accept media requests.

Contacts / Calendar – This is required to set up a direct dialing shortcut. The calendar is provided with the contact permission.

Location: this is required to access the GPS for the speedometer, compass, altimeter, weather, etc …

SMS – This is required for the new SMS auto-reply feature. If the feature is not enabled, the application does not interact with SMS.

Phone – This is required for the Direct Dial shortcut.

Photos / Media / Files – This is required for the Debug feature. Photos and media are grouped with permission, the application does not need them.

Camera / microphone – The application will need the microphone permission for any voice-activated function in the future. It is now necessary for the media player display feature. Attaching to the audio stream requires permission from the microphone. The camera comes with the permission of the microphone, the application does not use the camera.

Wi-Fi connection – The application needs this permission to enable / disable Wi-Fi.


Troubleshooting for BlueTooth and WiFi settings problem

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Car Home Ultra v4.17 Full premium

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Car Home Ultra v4.17 Full free

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